Our Coffee is Speciality coffee

Our Coffee is Specialite coffee . Use Single Origin from TORAJA , KINTAMANI.

Make coffee. Pour over, Syphon, or Cold drip coffee.

Pour Over
It’s a Japanese style pour over coffee.
Fresh beans and patience to watch as small amounts of water works through the grounds.
Excellent aromatic coffee!

By two chambers. Vapor pressure and vacum produce coffee.
You can enjoy real straight coffee in a 2 minuetes.

Cold Drip Coffee
Slowly dripping cold ,filtered water through coffee for 10 hours by cold drip system.
Enjoy subtle flavour characteristics our single origin coffee beans.

This first Single Variety Coffee from Flores, Indonesia
Special coffee tree live over 60 years from “COROL”
Juria coffee has a strong body with a very sweet aroma and tropical flavors. It also has a delicious, long-lasting finish.
This allows the farmers to reach the upper branches with their hooking tool and reach the best coffee cherries.
The cleaned parchment beans are then spread on a net bed for drying. That ensures the process is faster and cleaner than drying on the ground.